Wednesday, June 20, 2012

dude lay off my pop

Max stealing Sebastian's ice cream push pop.  Seems to be a trend lately.  Max wants what he wants when he wants it... and you can't stop him.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wait... Three Kids?

Well, it's official....

 We are going to be parents of three, yes, THREE children.  A nugget Trio.  A family of FIVE.

 We find out what we are having at the end of July.  I have NO patience, so we will definitely be finding out the sex.

Let's be honest, though, having 3 kids is not going to be easy...  it's going to be stressful, chaotic and downright hard at times but it's also going to be incredibly fun and such an amazing experience.  I think about what it will be like 25 years from now when we have Sunday dinners and all of our children and their families are here...  The thought of a big family is so comforting.

But before we stress about the major changes that need to take place before baby#3 arrives, I want to think of the fun stuff...   like NAMES!  

We need ideas!  Sebastian & Max we had picked out before we were even pregnant.  This time?  nothing, nada, no names come to mind at all.  grrr...  help us out!

Monday, August 8, 2011


After the complete chaos that has been our lives for the past 4 months (having a baby, buying a house, moving, Jose working weekends, etc...) we haven't had much family time.  So this past Saturday we decided to skip unpacking, skip stressing about unpacking, and just do something as a family.  I wanted to go to the beach, as in the ocean, preferably York Beach... but the weather was iffy so we decided to stay local.  Went to Hopkinton State Park and the line of cars was ridiculous so we decided to hit up Mendon Beach, and I'm SO glad we did.

It's free admission for all,  from any town.  They have a snack bar, picnic tables (under plenty of shade), bathrooms right next to the beach, 3 floating docks, extra beach toys, a ping pong table, playground on the beach and a craft room filled with craft supplies for kids to use whenever they want.  OH and across the street is a giant wooden playground.  Bottom line is we had an awesome time. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Red House on the Corner...

We did it...  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!   

Built in 1835 and simply beautiful.   

So here it is.... not out "First home"...  but our Forever home. 

I plan updating as the house slowly comes along and will also be posting pictures of the kids as this blog is intended for family and friends who are mostly in Europe and/or do not have Facebook.  

warning: not the best quality photos. Very quickly taken and nothing was cleaned yet... floors, bathrooms, etc... and they are probably out of order.

captions below each picture.
Removing "For Sale" sign!


Fenced in backyard off Patio

 First time going in as a family! (and apparently someone drew with chalk on the house)

Kitchen.  Angle 1


Kitchen. Angle 2.

Kitchen. Angle 3.

Kitchen Sink.  And Honeydew iced coffee.

Dining Room. Angle 1.

Dining Room. Angle 2.

Living Room. Angle 1.

Living Room. Angle 2.

Office/Art Space.  Angle 1.

Office/Art Space. Angle 2.


Side Entrance. Closet.

Downstairs Bathroom. 

Downstairs Shower.  No picture of toilet/sink area.  Totally forgot.

Dining Room built in hutch.

I love the details in the house


Front Door.  And child.

Side Entrance    

Garage.  Fits 2 cars and has a loft.

Bedroom 1 (our room).  Angle 1. There's also a set of stairs from our room down to kitchen area not seen in picture.

Bedroom 1. Angle 2.

Bedroom 1. Angle 3.

Upstairs bathroom.  Tub to the right, not in photos.

Upstairs Bathroom. Angle 2.

Bedroom 2 (boys' room, has 2 big closets and a cubby).  Angle 1.  

Bedroom 2. Angle 2.  

Bedroom 2. Angle 3.

Guest Bedroom. Angle 1.  Has a built in bookshelf, 2 walk in closets and a smaller closet.

bedroom 3. Angle 2.

Bedroom 3. Angle 3.

Down front stairs

Room off of Kitchen, has stairs to our bedroom

Garage Loft

Side of the House